Urfi Javed Wore A Small Dress Opened The Zip In Such A Place

Urfi Javed has recently shared a video on Instagram. In this video, the actress is seen in a very hot style. There is a zip in her dress, which she has opened from the front.

Urfi Doesn’t Consider Herself Less Than A Style Icon

Actress Urfi Javed is famous for her hot looks these days. Her clothes cross all limits of boldness. Although Urfi does not consider herself less than a style icon, but her style is sometimes not understood by people. Once again the actress has shared a photo wearing a similar outfit.

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Open Dress Chain

Urfi Javed recently shared a video of himself on Instagram. In this video, she is seen in a green dress. But this dress is not a common dress and how can it be that Urfi should take the initiative of a common dress. There is a chain in this dress of Urfi Javed, which has been opened by the actress from the middle and then she is seen flaunting her figure.

Urfi Keeps Getting Trolled

This is not the first time that Urfi has donned strange clothes. The actress wears some such outfit every day, due to which she has to be trolled. But the actress does not mind this trolling, instead the actress appears in front of the fans every time with even more awkward outfits. Many fans also like this style of his.

If I Wanted Publicity, I Would Have Gone Without Clothes

Let us tell you that recently Urfi Javed had given a statement about his bold. He had said during a conversation with The Times of India. Instead of talking about them, people only talk about outfits. Along with this, he also said that if publicity is needed. He said that I am more than my clothes. Why don’t people talk about me? He further said that be it bikini or salwar-suit, always lewd comments come. Despite being from a conservative family, her choice of clothes was never an issue. The actress said that the style of her clothes comes from the places where she has gone.

Urfi’s Night Suit Also Impressed The Fans

The outfit in which Urfi is seen in the beginning of the video. Its price is Rs 1,549. If you want it is Rs. You can buy it online if you want. Along with Urfi’s sizzling dress, the fans are also very fond of her night suit.

Urfi Stuns In Front Cut Out Dress

Urfi’s changed look is impressing the fans as always. The front cut on the actress’s dress is the most highlighting feature of her outfit, which is giving a sizzling touch to the actress’s look. Urfi is looking very gorgeous in nude glossy makeup and open hair. Urfi’s video is covered on social media. Both the looks of Urfi are impressing the fans a lot.

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