Urfi Javed spotted outside a restaurant in Mumbai doing a new drama. During this, Urfi seen in strange bold clothes as usual. This new video of the actress is going viral.

Urfi Javed in his amazing fashion

Urfi Javed known for sense and awkward antics. Urfi is seen roaming in Mumbai every day. In such a situation, now once he seen spending time in Bandra. Urfi’s style here was worth watching.

Wearing a pink-colored one-piece

Urfi Javed recently spotted outside a restaurant in Mumbai. During this, Urfi seen wearing a pink color backless one-piece dress. This dress of Urfi is so revealing that most of the body of the actress is visible in it.

The round cut in the front of the dress

This dress of Urfi Javed is not only backless but also quite revealing from the front. In this dress of Urfi, there a big cut round cut in the front. At the same time, the actress is not wearing anything inside this dress, which is clearly visible in the video.

don’t diet

Talking to the media, Urfi Javed said that she does not diet at all. Along with this, the actress said that she eats a lot and has come sometime back after eating Pani puri and Sev puri.

The photo of the spoiled face shared

The special thing is that Urfi Javed shared the photo of his spoiled face on Instagram story some time back. In this post, Urfi told that he had ordered olive oil from Jio from Amazon. Matar paneer is made from it. Which eaten by the whole staff. After eating vegetables made in this oil, the eyes of the actress suddenly swelled. Urfi wrote in the post that he first felt that it did not happen after eating this oil. After which he again cooked the fish in oil. After this, Urfi’s condition worsened, the proof of which is his picture.