Urfi Javed New Drama This Act Of Wearing A Sari pallu

Every style of Urfi Javed is unique. If you watch this video of Urfi, you will also be convinced that Urfi is really amazing. In her new video, Urfi is now seen skipping wearing a sari.

Wearing sari-high heels, Urfi started jumping rope

Social media star Urfi Javed dominates more than one of her looks. It takes only a few minutes for Urfi’s pictures and videos to go viral. Now once again the latest video of Urfi has been covered on social media. In this video, Urfi is seen flaunting her latest look as well as acting out of the ordinary.

Urfi skipping wearing a sari

Urfi is seen skipping wearing a sari in her new video. The most important thing is that Urfi is also wearing high heels along with the sari. Skipping wearing a sari and heels is a challenge in itself and Urfi has done it well.

This video is going viral

In the video that surfaced, you can see that instead of keeping the pallu of the sari open or making plates, Urfi Javed has given it amethyst like a rope. This way of tying the saree is giving a bold touch to Urfi. Along with this, Urfi is also seen jumping rope.

Jump rope in saree and heels

Wearing a sari and high heels, the way in which Urfi Javed has jumped rope is neither normal nor everyone can do such a feat. In such a situation, this video of Urfi is going viral very fast on social media and fans are praising his style a lot.

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