Urfi Javed Made Skirt Made Of Rope

Urfi’s new look has come out, where she is seen in yellow color monokini. On which he has wrapped something like a rope, but we are unable to find words to explain it.

Urfi Javed’s style, fashion sense is all amazing

No one can know what to do when Urfi Javed. Her style, fashion sense is all amazing. Urfi Javed, who has set a new bar in the fashion world with her quirky outfits, is here again with a new look. Which is not only for you and us to understand, but like every time, she is wreaking havoc this time too.

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Urfi’s New look is seen in Yellow Color Monokini

Urfi’s new look has come out, where she is seen in yellow color monokini. Giving this look a unique style, Urfi is wearing a skirt made of rope. Talking about makeup, Urfi’s style is on-point as always. Urfi looks amazing in neat and nude makeup. Urfi has made a tight ponytail and completed the whole look with high heels. After seeing this look of Urfi Javed, some internet users are surprised to think that. After all, where does the actress find different looks for herself every day. Many have also trolled Urfi Javed. Trolled for walking on the streets with such a bold outfit.

Urfi Javed is very cool in nature

Urfi Javed is of a very cool nature, this is understandable only by looking at his looks so far. The actress never hesitates to flaunt any look. She carries her every experiment in a very stylish and confident way. Urfi’s discussions are now getting louder. Many big celebs have also started talking openly in their support and also support. Even film star Ranveer Singh could not stop himself from commenting on Urfi’s dressing sense. At the same time, designer Masaba also praised him a lot.

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