Upcoming Marvel Avengers Game Character Leaked On Official Xbox Twitch Stream

In a series of unfortunate events, a guest host in a recent livestream on the Xbox Twitch channel revealed classified information about She-Hulk to join the roster of Marvel’s Avengers title.

Crystal Dynamics Developer Brian Wagner

The recent livestream included guest host TechnicTV and Crystal Dynamics developer Brian Wagner, the lead designer for Marvel’s Avengers. The two were in attendance at Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor to show off the latest version of the game, which debuted late last month. Talking about the game, TechniqTV mistakenly let Jennifer Walters be a part of the game too soon, as they believed the information was already public.

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A strange conversation between Technik TV and Wagner

He soon revealed that he knew the voice actor behind She-Hulk in the popular online title, as he was unaware of the Crystal Dynamics developers who had kept Walters’ addition a secret until now. This followed by a tussle between Technic TV and Wagner. A strange conversation ensued, in which the latter confirmed the former’s nightmares about developers hiding She-Hulk’s involvement in Marvel’s Avengers.

Livestream, now available to watch online

For the most part, the addition of She-Hulk isn’t technically a big secret, as Marvel’s Avengers adds new characters around the release of their new MCU TV show or movie, and Jennifer Walters comes to Marvel Live soon. – Taking His Action After debuting in a Disney+ TV series in August, his character seen as the most obvious choice to become the next superhero to added to the game’s famed roster. However, this unfortunate for the developers, as the news about their new creations accidentally spoiled by someone who is not involved in the creative process.

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