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UP tops In All Types Of Crime – Priyanka Gandhi

Before the assembly elections in UP, the round of accusations and counter-accusations has started. Opposition parties are fiercely attacking the leaders of each other’s parties. Congress General Secretary and UP in-charge Priyanka Gandhi is also constantly attacking the Yogi government.  Gandhi has now taken a dig at the Yogi government on the issue of crime in UP. Priyanka has also cited the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report.

Priyanka made a tweet on Saturday. In this tweet, he attacked the BJP government on the issue of crime. Priyanka tweeted, “According to NCRB data, UP is on top in cases of crime against women and Dalits, in cases of murder and kidnapping and in cases of violent crimes. Contrary to the claims of the UP government, crime raj is at its peak in Uttar Pradesh. ”

What Do The Figures Say

According to the NCRB data, out of the cases of crime against women in 2020, 28,046 were incidents of rape. In which 28,153 are victims. Last year the lockdown was imposed due to Kovid-19. He said that out of the total victims, 25,498 are adults and 2,655 are minors. According to the NCRB data of the previous years, there were 32,033 rape cases in 2019, 33,356 in 2018, 32,559 in 2017 and 38,947 in 2016. Last year, the highest number of 5,310 rape cases  registered in Rajasthan. After this, 2,769 cases were registered in Uttar Pradesh.

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