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Unique Creature With 1306 Legs Found For The First Time On Earth

Everyone is surprised to see this unique creature with 1306 legs. Scientists have named it Eumillipes Persephone. This creature was also observed with a microscope.

Unique creature with 1306 legs found for the first time on earth

Can you imagine that an organism has thousands of legs, not one or two? Yes, this is true. Scientists have discovered an organism that has 1306 legs. Actually, scientists have discovered a millipede in Australia, which has 1306 legs. It is 95 mm long. This unique creature found 200 feet below the ground. Scientists have named this unique creature with 1306 legs Eumillipes Persephone. Earlier, a 750-foot millipede found in California, America.

Found the creature with the most legs

Scientists found this unique creature with 1306 legs during mining. Scientists are considering it as a miracle of the development of living beings. He is telling this creature a big discovery of scientific history. Know that this creature with 1306 legs found in mining is male. Scientists saw this creature with a microscope and also released its picture.

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What is the meaning of millipede?

Let us tell you that in the word millipede, ‘milli’ means thousand and ‘ped’ means feet. Looking at this creature with a microscope, it was found that it is 95 millimeters long and 0.95 millimeters wide. It has 330 segments. It has a triangular antenna and a mouth.

Why did such a change occur in the structure of the organism?

Scientists believe that the millipede having 1306 feet is the result of convergent evolution. The structure of Eumillipes Persephone is quite different from that of its older species. His Habitat has also had a great impact on the evolution of the organism.

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