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Unique Baby Girl Born In Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

News spread like a fire in the Chhatarpur district of MP. Actually, here a woman has given birth to a two-headed girl. The other head of the girl is near the feet. However, instead of nose, ears, mouth, there are marks on this face. Doctors say

Unique baby girl born in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh

This girl has two heads. The other head is towards the girl’s feet. As soon as this news spread, the whole district discussed it. Doctors say that at present the mother and child are completely healthy. He kept under observation. After the birth of the girl child in Badamalhara, doctors referred her to Chhatarpur district hospital for better care.

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Hair and eyes, nose, ears are not fully developed in the lower head of the child

24-year-old Pooja’s husband Antu Kushwaha, who lives in Sarguwan village, brought to the Community Health Center Badamalhara on Wednesday night due to labor pain. He had a normal delivery here on Thursday morning. She gave birth to a baby girl at 8 in the morning. The doctors surprised to see the girl. The girl had two heads in her body. The other head was near the feet. It is being told that the hair and eyes, nose, ears are not fully developed in the lower head of the child. Only signs were visible. The weight of the girl child at the time of birth is being told as 3.3 kg. The Health Department team is calling it a pathology. BMO Hemant Maraiyya got Sandhya Sharma and Sonam Maurya delivered the woman.

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