MANILA, Philippines—Lucille Almonte is flourishing in her new role as Adamson’s Liberation in the UAAP Season 84 Women’s Volleyball Tournament.

Adamson’s coach Lerma Girone turned the rookie into a libero in this second round to try something new. Because he believes Almonte can provide a good passing, which the team lacks. “Something new. We know we lack passing. He’s good to go. We’re looking for ways.” If it will work for us, and we have a lot of talented spikers off the bench, said Giron in Filipino.

Standout King’s Montessori School, which was ranked 12th with a total of 70 points.

8 best spiker with a 31.19 percent attack rate, and the 10th best server with 0.27 aces per set in the first round, is embracing him. Transition from Open Spyker to Libero.

I open spiker in the first round

“I am happy (with my new role). Because I can see where else I can contribute to the team,” Almonte said in Filipino. “It’s not difficult for me to adjust because receiving and (floor) defense is not new to me, even when I was an open spiker in the first round.”

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Almonte, in his second game as Libero, had eight digs and four excellent receptions. Because Adamson knocked out the previously winning University 25-16, 25-14, 25-9. Improved fourth place with a 5-4 record. Saturday at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Giron also praised Almonte’s consistent defense in his last game two days ago. When the Lady Falcons took a two-set lead and lost to the University of Santo Tomas in five sets.

She’s doing well since our last game with the game

“Very good. She has been doing well since our last game with UST and this game. She has been consistent,” Giron said. “There are little things we still have to work on. But to get through that And there is consistency in defense.”

For now, the rookie position will remain in Giron’s hands – whether she will return as a Spyker. Or will continue to play as a converted defensive specialist, anyone’s guess.