Tyler The Creator Said? Fans Stop Throwing Things On The Stage Of Their Show

As Tyler, the producer begins to wrap up his massive North American Call Me If You Get Lost tour, the famed rapper delivers his theatrical performance from the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles’s familiar Stomping Ground, a special concert for fans. Bringing it back with live stream. to enjoy.

Fans Stop ThrowingThings on The Stage of Their Show

The Grammy-award-winning rapper’s Call Me If You Get Lost live special will stream on Prime Video starting Thursday, March 31. The performance will take place in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday at 7:45 p.m. Will be available on Amazon Music Channel on Twitch in addition to PT, and Prime Video.

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Tyler Says in The Clip?

Minutes after Tyler tweeted the request, a fan responded with a video in which Igor the rapper stopped a recent show to address someone who threw something on stage.”I don’t understand the logic of throwing your shit here,” Tyler says in the clip. “Not only for security reasons; But brother, I don’t want your crap. I do not want this. Like, not even kidding. In every show, someone throws something in here, and I don’t understand the logic. Why do you think I want your shit?”

One Minute-45 Second ‘Come On, Let’s Go’ Video

The one-minute-45-second “Come On, Let’s Go” is accompanied by an official video, directed by Tyler, The Creator himself. It begins with the suit-up, shades-doning rapper performing his new cut in front of a yellow sports car. In a four-star review, NME’s Luke Morgan Britton wrote: “The record stands as an all-encompassing culmination of Tyler’s ever-differential soundtrack, showing that development is not always linear and that the cast can be many things.

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