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Two People killed in Election Rivalry in Bihar Khagaria

During the ongoing Panchayat elections in Bihar. This incident of double murder is from Rohiyama village of Beldaur police station of Khagaria district. During the meeting being held in the village, the other side shot and killed two people while carrying out this incident.


Double Murder to Create Electoral Supremacy

To conduct the Bihar Panchayat elections peacefully. The administrative staff is working hard. But potential candidates of tainted tendencies to establish their electoral supremacy. Willing to go to any extent. The latest case is of Beldaur in Khagaria. Where two people  shot and killed. The accused who taken into custody in this murder case. He said to  a possible candidate for the post of Sarpanch. Since the incident, additional police force has been deployed in view of the tense situation in the village concerned.

Kishan Chaudhary’s wife Sulekha Devi Told

The entire incident  carried out only for the Panchayat elections. Sulekha Devi says that her husband for the post of Panchayat Samiti member. wanted to stand in the election. During this, Dholan Chaudhary and his men shot and killed her husband. The husband had left the house for a meeting in the village. And he  shot dead in the meeting itself.

 Murder Before Panchayat Elections

Kishundev Chaudhary was also a possible candidate for the post of Panchayat Samiti member from Dumri Panchayat. Here it  also coming out that they  killed. Many cases are also registered against Haribol and Kishundev. And they are out on bail. After the murder of both of them involved in three separate cases of murder, robbery and dacoity. Since then many types of discussions are going on in the area. Polling in this panchayat is to  held on October 24 under the fifth phase. At the same time, the enrollment process is to start from 30 September. Even before this, this massacre has indicated to increase the security arrangements of the police administration.

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