True Spirit Receives Mixed Reviews From Netizens

True Spirit which premiered on OTT on February 6, captured the story of 16-year-old Jessica Watson’s epic 210-day solo sailing trip from Australia to around the world. There is a huge market for films that showcase the triumph of the human spirit over nature and Jessica’s inspiring story is a perfect fit for this genre.

Adventure-Biography on the IMDb website

Tagged under Adventure-Biography-Drama-Family-Sport on the IMDb website, the film follows Jessica’s challenging solo sailing journey around the world as well as the criticisms and apprehensions she faces from the media and experts. After work, she said that she was too young. On this journey alone Jessica Watson became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world solo in 2009. It and a half-long film. However, the reviewer also complains that the film is too saccharine and “overlooks the travesty of the actual journey” underscored by Jessica Watson’s 2010 documentary, 210 Days. Still, it’s a worthwhile adventure film that appeals especially to younger audiences. Looks made for. And of course, the azure sea, the Gold Coast location, and the Australian coast are breathtaking and that alone makes it worth visiting.

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Photography other than ‘Over the Top Storm’

Spectator Jaffrol watched the film with his 10-year-old grandson, who has known the sport of sailing for many years. Here’s what the reviewer said: “I thought it wasn’t bad with a reservation. The storm scenes/CGI were a bit unrealistic. It took me away from the drama. And the general sailing was less absorbing than it could have been, though I know is that sailing solo is not all excitement… Apart from ‘Over the Top Storm’ the photography was good….The script has a few flaws but is nevertheless a very watchable reproduction of Jessica’s adventures. The young sailor’s determination The resolve and achievement were recognized and anchored in the film.

solid inspirational movie

Similarly, Sanyamkalamani found it inspiring. “It inspires us that if a 16-year-old can see a goal and go out to sea alone while remaining optimistic, we are lucky to have a support system for ourselves when we get hit in the mud.” Snoopystyle who also reviewed it on IMDb found it a “generally solid inspirational film”.

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