Troubled By Her Looks This Model Gave Herself Such A Christmas Gift

A model worried about her looks gave herself such a gift on Christmas. His fans also jumped with joy. The model went to Brazil to undergo surgery so that she could look more attractive than before. How long has she had many


On Christmas, the model gave herself such a gift on Christmas

A model from Switzerland has given herself such a gift on Christmas. Seeing this, millions of his fans have jumped with joy. Actually, 27-year-old Celine Santino used to be very worried about her looks. She used to think that she did not look good at all, so she kept spending money on improving her looks. But even after many operations, he felt some deficiency in himself, which he removed before this Christmas.

Instagram has 689,000 followers

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’, Celine Santino keeps posting her hot pictures on social media. He has 689,000 followers on Instagram. Céline has so far spent around £20,000 i.e. Rs 20,11,287 on her looks. However, she was not satisfied with her butt. He thought his butt could be even more attractive. That’s why he got seven thousand pounds of butt lift surgery to give himself a gift on Christmas.

undergoing surgery since the age of 19

Model Celine Santino said, ‘I used to be worried about my looks from the beginning. People used to make fun of me in school. I didn’t have any friends. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see how ugly I am. I felt that I was imprisoned in my body. Then I started spending money on myself. Céline has been undergoing surgery on her lips, cheeks and eyes since the age of 19. Not only this, he has also done surgery for boobs three times and has spent 5780 pounds on it.

What is Butt Lift Surgery?

However, despite all this, he felt something lacking. Céline thought her butt could be more attractive. That’s why on Christmas, he got butt lift surgery done in Brazil. In this surgery, fat is removed from the abdomen and thighs and injected into the butt. Celine said, ‘I didn’t buy any expensive item for myself this Christmas, just gifted myself butt lift surgery. My fans are also very happy with this’. Please note that this surgery is considered illegal in the UK.

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