Trolls Swiped At Denise Rocha Nude Photoshoot With A Horse

Denise Rocha is a model, lawyer, and businesswoman who recently appeared on the cover page of Playboy. Now she has pleased her fans with a nude photoshoot with a horse. “The first time he proposed it to me I was sure it was someone playing a prank on me.” So much so that some ended up on her Instagram. He has a massive following of 2.4 million fans on Instagram.

A model posing in a series of sexy shots

A model has fans thrilled as she poses in a series of sexy shots. Denise Rocha works as an attorney and businesswoman. When she’s not selling racy photos on OnlyFans. The Brazilian gained fame for her stunning body thanks to her recent Playboy shoot.

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After your sexy pictures

And since her sexy pics, Denise has been inundated with some seriously questionable requests from cheeky fans. The model did a nude photoshoot with a horse to satisfy her clients’ fetishes. At first, Dennis didn’t take the request seriously but when it came to money, he considered it.

Criticized her for using animals to make sexual material

However, some followers criticized her for using animals to create sexual material. One person wrote: “Poor animal,” while another asked: “Did you need to put a horse in the photo?” But Denise gave an explanation to her fans. As he assured no animal was mistreated during the shoot. At no time was the animal abused.

Parliamentary advisor to a Brazilian senator

“I went to a place where I was sure the animals were very well taken care of. I was worried whether it could harm them in any way. Parliamentary advisor to a Brazilian senator But Denise later turned her attention to the world of reality TV, starring in popular shows like The Farm and A Fazenda.

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