Trolls Say It Inappropriate Not Wearing A Bra At Age 64

Karenlee Potter has been giving sex tips on Tiktok and flaunting her figure. But trolls have showered her with cruel comments, saying she is “too old” for what she wears.

After deciding to give up the bra

A woman over 60 has been bombarded with negative comments after she decided to give up a bra. Karenlee Potter, who lives in Los Angeles, USA, often flaunts her figure in stunning outfits on her TikTok page. “This is not a game for us, we are courageous and financially independent,” she said.

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Sharing dating stories

She also talks openly about her life as a cougar, sharing her dating stories. She explained embracing the no-bra lifestyle herself in a recent series of videos to “document.” “Older ladies, have you noticed that your bra is getting tighter around your ribcage?

Today is the first day of not wearing a bra

Today is the first day of not wearing a bra.” But she faced negative comments, with one person trolling. At your age, you need that support.” Another wrote: “Somebody get your great-grandmother. She ran away from the retirement home again.” “You’re not a cougar, you’re too old,” added a third. “Young people are looking at your bank account.

Karenali hit back at them

However, Karanelli hit back and addressed the issues, saying: “A friend of mine said to me ‘How can you walk around in a low-cut bathing suit?’ If I feel good in it, I don’t.” I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s appropriate for my age or not. “Don’t worry so much about how you look. To be honest, people will love you no matter what happens. If you have a spare flat tire around your waist, or you are a** just doesn’t stay tight anymore”.

Tikokar said dating a cougar is better

She also shared tips to enhance your sex life and mood. Ignored the haters saying it was inappropriate for her age. “Are you under 25? Dating a cougar is better because older women are more confident and experienced both in bed and in life,” Tikokar said.

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