Trivia About the Philippines Beloved La Primera Contravida

Manila, Philippines – Hers was a classically pretty face that reminded people of old Hollywood glamour. Cheri Gill was known as “Contrabida” (antagonist). Who immortalized a famous line in a movie But the revered actress was nothing but the annoying villain that everyone loved to hate.

Eisenman, Cheri came from the famous Eigenman showbiz clan

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Born to actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemary Gill. Evangeline Rose Gil Eisenman, Cheri came from the famous Eisenman showbiz clan. An acting family that has produced some of the best actors in TV and cinema. He started down the same path. Which many showbiz offspring had – by playing small roles, usually in films as the daughter of a family friend.

The break came when the 1980 Ishmael Bernal classic

His break came when he starred in the 1980 Ishmael Bernal classic “Manila by Night”. Two years later, Cheri cemented her coveted position. When he played the nave Trining Ojeda in 1982’s Peck Galaga World War II opus “Oro, Plata, Mata.”

In 1985, she rejuvenated the face of Philippine Contrabidas by bringing to life the character of the ambitious, go-getter and fashionable Lavinia Argueles in “Bituing Walang Ninging”. He and Sharon Cuneta’s Dorina Pineda are one of the unforgettable rivalries in Philippine cinema. Here are some other trivia on Cheri Gill that prove she is one of the gems of Philippine TV and cinema

Cheri’s sense of humor was great.

Her face might scare most people, but the actress knew how to deliver a punch line. She appeared on the 1980s gag show “Champoy” alongside TV veterans such as the late Subas Herrero, Tessy Tomas, Noel Trinidad, Gary Lissing and Mitch Valdez.

In recent years, he has cracked and traded jokes with the cast of “Bubble Gang”, GMA-7’s longest-running gag show. where he played himself and even made changes to his famous “copycat” line

She was a model and worked as one of the last batch of VIP models of Rastaan. “I was the youngest and ‘funniest’ of the bunch.” When I auditioned So they had to keep an eye on the age limit. who was 15 at that time. I was only 14 years old. great experience! Fashion icon Diana Vreeland.

Cheri was a reader

He enjoys reading the classics and works of acclaimed authors such as Khalil Gibran, Milan Kundera, Paolo Coelho, Ernest Hemingway, Khalid Hosseini and Dr. Seuss. His favorite books are “The Little Prince” by Antoine d’Exupery and “The Places You Go” by Dr. Seuss.

Cheri Also Tried to Sing

He released the 1979 single “Boy I Love You”. Cheri was also a famous singer and stage actress. She starred in Terrence McNally’s “Master Class” as the iconic Maria Callas. She also aired Diana Vreeland, the famous fashion columnist and editor, in “Full Gallup.”

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