Trina Rampage Is Coming To The Grand Slam And Cardi B Pays Attention

In last week’s stampede, Diamante promised. That she won’t go it alone in her TBS title match at the Grand Slam edition of the show this week. Remember the co-winner of the Deadly Draw tournament to take on the baddies of Jade Kargil? Said she was bringing “the OG worst bitch from 305”.

The 90s and aughts hip-hop fans

While some tried to find out what the female wrestlers of Miami were. Fans of ’90s and aughts hip-hop wondered if there was a way. Turns out that Trina would appear on AEW, it was 43 years old. who worked with Missy Elliot, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, and many others during his impressive career. Now she’s working against That Bitch in New York City.

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Tony Khan plans leading female rapper

Very well and if Tony Khan had plans to grab some headlines with the leading female rapper. So he got help from one of the biggest today. Cardi B digs it, and if AEW replaces Cardi with a currently lapsed fan. So how jealous WWE would be now you see me? Trina has a killer line. We’ll see if that energy pays off on Friday or in spoilers coming our way soon. And if Cardi B tweets about it. Fightful AEW will have live coverage of the Rampage Grand Slam starting Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

Cardi B is a famous wrestling fan

Cardi B is a famous wrestling fan who has frequently tweeted about the sport. In her song “Hot Shit”, she references Jimmy Snuka, leading to Tamina and Natalya’s answers. AEW showed a love for hip-hop through the AEW Dynamite Grand Slam. In which Fabolous and DJ Who Kid appeared on the show. Action Bronson will be in action on Friday as he teams up with HOOK to take on 2point0 Angelo Parker and Matt Maynard.

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