Trey Anastasio Joins Billy Strings on Acoustic for The Second Set of Smokin at Pier 17

Billy strings were joined by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio on Wednesday night at New York’s relatively new rooftop venue, Pier 17. Which helps cap off an upbeat performance with a diverse selection of songs that blend the strings’ original material with some bluegrass standards. A pair of fish classics.

Lead your group through energetic opening sets

Before Anastasio’s appearance, Strings led his group through an energetic opening set. Which included a generally diverse collection of material, including Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” and John Hartford’s “In Tall Building”, as well as beloved originals such as “Dust in a Baggy”. “Watch It Fall” and a jaw-dropping “Turmoil and Tinfoil” came to a close.

Before a Pair of Fan-Favorite Originals

The second set began on an equally upbeat note with the traditional fiddle tune “Sally Goodin”. A performance bolstered by the remarkable instrumental skills of guest fiddler Alex Hargreaves, preceded by a pair of fan-favorite originals, “Must Be Seven” and “Meet Me at the Creek”, as well as David Grisman’s “16/16” and Provocative version of Bill Monroe’s “Close By”.

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Introducing one of the musical heroes

Introducing Strings to one of their musical heroes. After a truly heartfelt moment of viewing, Anastasio quickly found his place among the talented ensemble cast – which included Jarrod Walker (mandolin), Royal Massat (bass), and Billy Felling (banjo). Young virtuoso trading with relaxed acoustic licks, and even sharing lead vocal duties along the strings on some songs.

Jam Band Phenom’s Goose at the Music Hall

Inspired by his surprise guest appearance with the jam band Phenom’s Goose at Radio City Music Hall last Saturday night, Anastasio made his second strong guest appearance in less than a week, following Phish’s “Get Back on the Train.” started with which is regular. The setlist of strings, saw both guitarists sing the lead vocals before the strings’ tender “Love and Regret” and Bill Monroe’s “I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome”. Which was a staple of Fish’s famous acoustic performances in 1994–1995.

Gotta Djibu” although originally a tab piece

The set came to a winning conclusion with a wildly psychedelic version of Hartford’s “All Fall Down”. which featured Trey and Billy trading licks in increasingly compelling fashion as well as Doc Watson’s “My Love Comes Rolling Down” before wrapping things up. “Gotta Djibu” though is basically a tab piece.

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