Toya Bush-Harris Knows The Magic Of Married To Medicine

Toya Bush-Harris is one of the five original cast members of the Bravo show “Married to Medicine”. Which plays up the “Real Housewives” template with a little more class and far more consistency. She’s back for Season 9, which returns July 10 at 9 p.m.

Only one of those five originals divorced since the show began

Of those five originals, only one has divorced since the show debuted in 2013 on Quad Web. Over the years, Bush-Harris has been the devoted wife of Dr. Eugene Harris, an emergency room doctor, and has two sons. She regularly clashes with a few other women, often about their finances, while providing a story interesting enough to stay in the job. How she handles her time: “It’s always intense. It takes the rest of the year to get back to normal. I’ve started to detox as soon as the reunion show is over. I enjoy doing some of my favorite things like playing tennis and going to the spa I spend the day.

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke to Bush-Harris last week

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke to Bush-Harris last week and here are some of the highlights. Will she ever leave the show voluntarily? “I never wanted to go away. Last year, it was a little overwhelming. But if my family loves it and we’re happy, I’m happy to be there. They film us four or five months a year. For the rest of the year, I can spend time with my kids and my husband. The show is a blessing.

The appearance of Anila Sajja, who joined the cast in season 8

The appearance of the first Indian-American Anila Sajja, who joined the cast in Season 8 “We needed a change of pace. She brings a different dynamism. It is a different culture. I guess sometimes you get caught up in seeing the same things happening in African American homes. It’s nice to be able to include different nationalities. She is a neighbor of mine, which can be a nightmare in itself because the housewives where I live are very smart.

The last house was already designed

Her housing situation She spent years building what she called her “dream home”. But shortly after moving in, she and her husband sold it for about $3 million for a massive profit. “It was the perfect scenario to sell the house,” she said. “You can’t beat the community. It’s private. It’s gated.” She’s now renting a house down the street. Because they are building yet another dream home, which recently broke ground in Suwanee. “The last house was designed. This one, we are designing from scratch,” she said. “The neighborhood is also closer to the boys’ school and more culturally diverse.

Returning to the web full-time after working part-time in Season 8

On her husband’s work situation “He’s working hard. You’ll see some changes. Last year you saw how stressful things were for him with COVID. There weren’t enough nurses. He was overworking.” Returning to the web full-time after working part-time in Season 8. “At the start of shooting this season, I was excited to see Quad Back. I’m all about the show. If you’re the entertainer and people love you, why not? At the end of the season, with him again. After working out, it got stressful.

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