Toxic Love Paula Yates Says Met INXS Frontman Michael Hutchence And Began A Toxic Romance

That all changed when she met INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and began a toxic romance. What ultimately led to the death of both is now shown in a new Channel 4 documentary called Paula. How the disastrous affair was the result of his toxic obsession with finding the hottest rock god.

With tv host done by ok

In a previously unheard interview with the TV host conducted by OK! Magazine’s Martin Townsend months before his death, she said. I can’t imagine ever going out with someone who can’t fill a stadium. Michael and I had waited a lifetime for each other, and we hoped it would happen when we had each other. I couldn’t live without Michael. I couldn’t live without him.

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On November 22, 1997, Michael Sidney

On November 22, 1997, Michael was found hanged at his hotel in Sydney, Australia. Following the latest bust between Paula and her ex-husband Sir Bob Geldof who was just 37 years old. Which forced her to fly back to the UK and leave her boyfriend with their 16-month-old daughter, Tiger Lily. Geldof gained custody of daughters Peaches and Pixie. then aged eight and seven – after drugs were found in the house Paula shared with Michael.

Turned to the barrister and said

Singer, who was waiting for Paula and the three girls on their way to Australia to see her. When the visit had to be canceled after the custody hearing was postponed, she was heartbroken. Speaking about its effect on Hutchens, Paula said: “Michael hated being away from us. Absolutely found it almost unbearable.” And I think it was a huge disappointment when I called him and told him. It’s funny because I left the court, and I turned to my barrister and I said: ‘This will kill Michael.

Paula claims to hate the media interest

He was already on the breaking point because of the intense scrutiny of his relationship with Paula. Which began in 1994 when she interviewed him, with his legs crossed – on a double bed on Channel 4’s show The Big Breakfast. Paula claimed to hate the media interest but in the documentary, Michael’s sister Tina suggested the TV star was complicit. The press about that whole thing with Michael and Paula in London – it was a big deal.

At some point, he told me

“At some stage, he said to me: ‘It’s as if people know where I’m going. How do they know when I get a car, they know where I’m going the day before?’ always waiting for me with their cameras, it’s really hard to live here.’ I suspected that Paula was making some calls, even though I didn’t know her very well. But there was something about her background Which made me think: ‘Yeah, they knew where he was going.

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