TOWIE Amy Childs is worried As She Goes Through The Scariest part of pregnancy with Twins

The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs says she is feeling “anxious” as she prepares to welcome twins via C-section.

Star amy childs

The 32-year-old expressed that she is “worried” about having a C-section as she’s never had one before. Amy is already a proud mum to daughter Polly, five, and son Richie, four, from a previous relationship. She is getting ready to welcome her twins and has been sharing her concerns about the due date with her fans.

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The scariest and most worrying times of pregnancy

Amy, who is welcoming her twins with Billy Delbosque, said on her Instagram page, “So I’m 37 weeks now and the twins’ due date is just around the corner!!! It’s so close!! It’s really One of the scariest and most anxious times of my pregnancy has been because I booked in for a c-section (many of you have messaged me about my birth plan!!) but mom, I’ve never had one before and I am very upset…

many horror stories online

“Polly and Richie were both born vaginally so I can imagine what a C-section would be like!! I know it’s ridiculous but I’m so scared.” I’m trying to stay as calm as possible but I had a C-section. I’ve read a lot of horror stories online about -section and it worries me so much.” She continued: “The @peanuts app has been an amazing way to connect with other moms who understand. I have been reading stories of women who have shared their recovery. It’s really helped me feel a lot more comfortable.

pregnant mother, or women trying for a baby

“Basically, I’m trying not to stress and overthink everything, but if you have any advice or insight, please share in the comments!! If there are any new moms out there, or pregnant moms, or Are women trying for a baby, would 100 percent recommend @peanuts! It’s a safe space for us to meet, ask questions, and have honest conversations about all things motherhood!!

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