Tori Roloff Shares Family Photos From Fourth Of July

Tori and Zack Roloff welcomed their third child, son Josiah Luke, on April 30. Tori and Zack Roloff are having a blast with their family of five. On the Fourth of July, the Little People, Big World star, 32, shared scenes from the family gatherings. In photos from the day, the entire family posed together in red, white, and blue. While in other pictures Tori is seen sitting on the steps of her house with daughter Leela Ray, 2.

Tori and Zack, 32, welcome their third child, Josiah Luke

Tori and Zack, 32, also welcomed their third child, Josiah Luke, in April. The couple are also parents to their 5-year-old son Jackson Kyle. Baby Josiah looked lovely in a photo on Tori’s Instagram Story. where she wore the same denim star-print dress that Jackson wore on a first of July date. In the other he is sleeping pacifier in his mouth. Tori said her two older children are of great help to her baby brother, who was born three weeks ago.

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Boys can’t hang,” mom of three jokes

Tori shared a photo of both of her sons wearing matching USA shirts as Josiah sticks his tongue out. Their night ended with fireworks, which she shared from behind her two grown children. Who pointed to bursts in the sky. Tori has been sharing lots of details of her pregnancy and postpartum experience with fans. Speaking to PEOPLE last month, the mother of three spoke about how baby Josiah is settling into the family.

Josiah was born with achondroplasia

“They’re a little obsessed with that and it’s adorable,” she said. “They’re both very concerned about where he is, what he’s doing. They take turns bottle-feeding him and wanting to bring him blankets and binks.” Josiah was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, People confirmed. Jax and Leila as well as dad Zach were born with achondroplasia, while Tori is of average height.

Tori’s pregnancy was an emotional journey

Tori’s pregnancy with Josiah was an emotional journey. An episode of Little People, Big World aired last month. In Tori was shown how her previous pregnancy loss was announced on social media in March 2021. Which made it more difficult for her to be “excited” about having another child. It’s also hard for me to get excited because I’m so nervous,” Tori said.

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