Topper Grace And Wife Ashley Hinshaw Are Expecting Baby Number 3

Topper Grace with wife Ashley Hinshaw, after congratulating her on the news of her pregnancy, said “Come back with me in about a year. Topper Grace and wife Ashley Hinshaw are about to be in a family of five.”

That ’70s Show alum, 44 confirmed

The That ’70s Show alum, 44, confirmed that they are expecting their third child. Because he appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday. “We’re so excited my wife, I’ll take this moment to say on national television how beautiful and amazing she is,” Grace said. Grace tied the knot with 33-year-old Hinshaw in 2016. And the couple share a daughter Mabel Jane, 4½, and another child born in 2020.

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Clarkson said, to which Grace replied

He joked: “Everyone says on the first kid they’re like, ‘Congratulations’ On the second, they’re like ‘Congratulations.’ And on the third kid, there’s a question mark at the end, like, ‘Congratulations’ Yes?

Is busy watching video games and binge TV until birth

The Spider-Man 3 actor revealed the arrival of his second child to the public in April 2021. Because he opened up about raising a newborn during the COVID-19 pandemic. Engaged in watching video games and binge TV till birth. “Then it was a lot of changing diapers. She also talked about returning to work after birth on her ABC show Home Economics, in which she co-starred with some 9-month-old costars.

Its very funny read in the script and I see it now

“Every day, I’m dropping my kid off to come to work and go to work with the two kids,” he said last year. “In the script, it read a lot of fun, and I’ve seen it now — it’s a lot of fun onscreen. But when I’m doing the scenes and my two scene partners are 9 months old, it’s challenging. He first played as Eric Forman on the Fox sitcom that ran for eight seasons from 1998 to 2006.

My wife will tell you i’m not that good

I remember once in the 70’s show I had to adopt a child. And I’m treating him like, I don’t know, toxic garbage or something. I was so scared that I was going to hurt or hurt the baby. I didn’t know how to handle it. I am much better now. My wife will tell you I’m not as good as I could be. But I’m better at calming these kids. Grace added. Grace is preparing to make her return to the That ’70s Show universe with a guest appearance on the upcoming Netflix reboot of That ’90s Show.

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