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Tom Brady Wife Gisele Bundchen and NBA Legend Michael Jordan

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan are the two best players in their respective positions in their respective games, and Brady’s wife, Gisele Bündchen, also bears some resemblance to ‘His Airness’. Bundchen and the former Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards superstars share the title of Special Advisor for mobile sports betting platform DraftKings.

Strategic Guidance to the Board of Directors of both the Company

Jordan joined DraftKings in September 2020 in his current role during the days of the COVID-19 pandemic. About two years later, Bundchen joined DraftKings in the same role. Both provide strategic guidance to the company’s board of directors.

Brady has spoken positively about Jordan in the past. Appreciating the NBA legend that five years ago has had a huge impact on his own NFL career.

In 2017, after defeating the Falcons in Super Bowl LI, Brady talked about how important it was to Jordan to cross six championship rings. This, of course, was the seventh before Brady won his sixth ring in 2019 and during his first in 2021. Season with Buccaneers.

Brady said

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Once upon a time, Joe was a bellwether for Montana’s Four Super Bowl ring Tom Brady to prove he was the greatest quarterback in the history of professional football. In 2013, Julian Edelman asked Tom Brady, “Brother, how crazy is it that you (Joe) are going after Montana?”

12 Nearly Double Montana’s Total Trophy

Perhaps we should have known that TB12 was destined to nearly double Montana’s overall trophy. When he replied, “I’m not going to Montana, I’m going to (Michael) Jordan.”

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