Today Webtoon K-Drama Release Time, Cast FT Kim Sejong And Where To Watch

Featuring award-winning actress Kim Sejong, the new SBS drama has teased King’s Affection stunner Nam Eun Su and The Ghost Detective actor Choi Daniel as lead actors.

New play a Japanese manga Johan Shutai

The new drama is based on a Japanese manga Johan Shutai! and tells the story of On Ma-eum (Kim Sejong), a former judo athlete who unfortunately has to adjust to his new job as a webtoon editor after retiring from his athletic career due to an injury. .

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display of athletic prowess

A preview of the K-drama shows Kim Sejong in several hilarious situations at her new job, including her determination to win the interview panel by showcasing her athletic prowess. Needless to say, not everything goes according to the plan in the new job that he has started.

As per SBS schedule

Kim Sejong’s K-drama TODAY webtoon airs July 29 at 10PM KST/9PM ET. Later, the play will be available with English subtitles on the Rakuten Wiki after a few hours. Take a look at the international broadcast of the show as per the SBS schedule below.

Webtoon Editor from Athlete

The TODAY cast includes Kim Sejong as On Ma-eum, former judo athlete turned webtoon editor, Choi Daniel as Seok Ji-hyung, On Ma-eum’s mentor and an unlikely deputy editor, and Nam Eun-eun- In the role of Su. Of Gu Jun-yong who puts his heart and soul into everything he does.

According to the Rakuten Wiki Synopsis

, Today’s webtoon On is about Ma-Aum finding himself in a new life after his sudden retirement from a promising athletic career. While initially, everything goes wrong with his new job, eventually Ma-Aum- Em finds balance with a little help from coworkers Goo Joon Yeong (Nam Eun Su) and Seok Jin Hyung (Daniel Choi). Watch the trailer of the story below.

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