Today K-Pop NCT Dream Concert Will Be Missed Due To COVID-19

Mark of NCT Dream has tested positive for COVID-19 and will not be able to attend the band’s upcoming concert, the SM Entertainment label said on Monday.

Idol Band three concerts in Seoul from July 29

The Idol band has been holding three concerts in Seoul since July 29, its first in-person gig in Korea in 2 years. The concert, called “In a Dream”, was to be the first since Mark rejoined the subunit in 2020 and simultaneously attracted over 1.5 million fans when tickets opened for purchase online. All tickets sold out as soon as it released.

The last day’s live performance will also broadcast online.

The multinational subunit debuted in 2016 with “Chewing Gum” and last year’s debut studio album “Hot Sauce” was a million-seller as was the second LP “Glitch Mode” which came out in March. Both albums, along with Repackage, sold over 3 million units each.

According to agency KQ Entertainment

On Monday, Atiz’s upcoming EP sold more than 1.1 million copies in pre-orders. The mini-album expected to become its first million-selling album, surpassing its seventh EP “Zero: Fever Part 3” that the band had produced. A record for 810,000 units sold. The EP “The World Ep.1: Movement” will include seven tracks including the lead track “Guerrilla” and will be fully unveiled on 29 July.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Meanwhile, the eight-member ACT will continue its international tour later this year. It will hold two concerts in Seoul in late October and head to the US, visiting six cities, including Dallas and Chicago, before performing in Toronto. In December, the band will go live in Chiba, Japan. Atiz has also been featured in a Korean Wave-themed costume exhibition that held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London starting in September.

Girl group Ive released their third single “After Like” on 22 August.

The release would come four months after their previous single “Love Dive”, which debuted at number 15 on Billboard’s Global 200 chart and at number 10 on the global charts excluding the US. It generated 100 million streams on Spotify earlier this month, and the music video for the second single crossed 100 million views on YouTube last month.

A television music chart show with “We Dive”

Last week, the six-man act debuted on a television music chart show for the tenth time with “Love Dive,” even though it wrapped to promote the song in May. Girls’ Generation released on August 8 for their seventh full album. The LP “Forever 1” comes nearly five years after the veteran female group released their sixth LP, “Holiday Night.” It will consist of 10 tracks and will mark the group’s 15th anniversary.

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