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To Improve Sex Life Husband Made A Dog And Drove Him To The Railway Station

Different types of videos and photos keep going viral on social media. Some of these photos and videos are very funny, while some are very surprising. These days some such astonishing photos are becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Everyone is getting shocked seeing these photos. These photos are being told of Brazil. It can be seen in the viral pictures that a woman is behaving like a dog with her husband. In the photos, the woman’s husband is seen in a dog getup.

People were surprised to see her husband becoming a dog.

According to media reports, people present at a railway station in Brazil were astonished when they saw that a woman brings her husband to the station by tying a chain. During this, the woman treats her husband like a dog. Not only this, the woman wandered for a long time at the railway station with her husband, as if she was walking a dog.

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Policemen and passengers were all shocked

During this, the policemen stationed there along with the common passengers present at the station were also shocked to see all this. It has also been claimed in the media report that the couple, when asked, said that by going to a public place as a dog in this way, sex increases.

‘Sex life is better’

The woman’s husband has given a statement in this whole matter. He says that it is a different kind of adventure for both of them to do it like this. This increases their sex drive. At the same time, he said, ‘Other people may find it strange, but our sex life is better than this.’

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