Tips To Cash In WWE 2K23 Money In The Bank

WWE fans rejoice as the latest iteration of the iconic WWE game, WWE 2K23 has finally been released. The developers have made significant improvements to the game’s story-building elements and on-ring action sequences. Which has given fans a lot to look forward to.

Exciting opportunities to cash in-game money in the bank

The game offers tons of iconic on-ring action including an exciting chance to cash in Money in the Bank. With the different modes available that your wrestler can conquer in Universe Mode, this feature will guide you. How to successfully cash in your Money in the Bank and make the most of this thrilling gameplay element.

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Money in the Bank contract in WWE 2K23

To cash in the Money in the Bank contract in WWE 2K23, you must first select a wrestler in Universe Mode and win a Money in the Bank ladder match. Once your wrestler has a contract, the next step is to plan the right opportunity to cash in and win the WWE title.

Pre-Declared Money in the Bank Matches

There are three ways to cash in your Money in the Bank contract in WWE 2K23. Strategic planning with pre-announced Money in the Bank matches, surprise entries, and post-match cash-ins. Each method offers a different level of risk and reward, so it’s up to you to decide which approach to take. If your MITB winner loses the match, he or she will not have another chance to redeem the contract.

With all three ways to redeem Money in the Bank

Here’s a guide to all three ways to cash in on Money in the Bank, as well as the overall strategy required in WWE 2K23. This method allows you to ambush the champion and potentially steal the title with an element of surprise. Keep in mind that exercising this option will also end your Money in the Bank contract.

The first method of encashing money in the bank

To use the first method to cash in Money in the Bank, your MITB winner and the champion you want to target must appear on the same show in Universe Mode. From there, go to the Showcase section and select the “Announce Cash-in” option. The game would simulate a match between the champion and the MITB holder on the same night. However, keep in mind that Money in the Bank is a one-time opportunity. And it is generally advised to avoid direct confrontation between the MITB winner and the champion.

To execute a mid-match cash-in

To execute a mid-match cash-in, you must access the My Universe menu by pressing the Start button on your controller and navigating to the Settings tab. Here you will get the option of ‘cash-in’. When the defending champion stands tall inside the ring. So activate the cash-in option to trigger the animation, and turn the situation into a triple-threat match for the title.

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