Time Out London publishes The Final Print Edition After 54 years

Delivery was delayed by two days due to Tube Strike, an issue that has sparked fun several times over the years.

writing in the last issue

Carolyn McGuinn, Global Editor-in-Chief, said: “It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve you in print for 54 years. Our love affair lasted a long time. The listing magazine was first founded in 1968 on Kings Road, Chelsea was launched as a newspaper by Tony Elliot.

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Four London artists’ past print editions are at the bottom of the main front page

Ms. McGinn said: “Thanks to the hilarious mavericks, expert, who made this magazine: there’s no better team in the business. The food, drink, and entertainment magazine had a circulation of 50,000 in 2012 and was priced at £3.25. That year In September of 2011, it relaunched a slimmed-down version and became free to readers.

As well as providing listings, theaters, movies, and restaurants

In March 2020, it was temporarily rebranded as Time In after the national coronavirus lockdown prevented people from socializing and opening businesses. As well as providing listings, time outs for theatres, cinemas, and restaurants The reviews offered a slice of life in the capital for generations of Londoners.

The title will now focus on digital-only content.

Laura Lee Davies, the editor between 1999 and 2004, began on Time Out in 1987, when the music section was “pages and pages” long, and told BBC Radio London that she was “saddened” by the demise of the print edition. : “When you open a paper magazine you get those wow moments and things you didn’t know, while you’re searching online….”

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