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Ticket Clashes Between Pakistan Afghanistan Cricket Fans

Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi on Friday pleaded for calm for the T20 World Cup as thousands of cricket fans without tickets tried to barge into the Dubai Cricket Stadium to watch the high-profile match against neighboring Pakistan. All tickets for this match sold out. But chaos ensued as fans of the ticket-buyers were barred from entering the stadium. During this, there was also a fight and scuffle between the cricket fans of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Prophet Appealed

Afghanistan captain Mohammad Nabi has asked Afghan fans to buy tickets to watch the team’s remaining matches in the tournament. After the five-wicket loss against Pakistan, Nabi said, “For Afghan fans, please buy a ticket and come to the stadium.” Don’t repeat what happened today, it is not good.

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ICC Apologizes

The International Cricket Council has apologized to those ticket holders. Those who could not enter inside the stadium despite the ticket. ICC said in its statement, played between Afghanistan and Pakistan. More than 16000 tickets were issued for the match, however, as thousands of unticketed fans tried to force their way inside the stadium, Dubai Police and security personnel tried to ensure everyone’s safety inside, disperse the crowd and control the situation. Tried to maintain peace. During this, the ICC, BCCI, and ECB apologized to the cricket fans who could not go inside despite the ticket.

ICC Ordered an Inquiry

Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council has asked the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. So that lessons can learn from this that in future such incident should not happen again. For this, the ECB will work closely with the authorities. Played between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This match play in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Memories of that match refreshed when cricket fans of both countries clashed in the match played at Leeds.

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