Thunderbird Distribution Acquires Rights To Mittons & Pants Media And products

Windy Isle Entertainment sees Thunderbird Distribution strengthen its representation of the rights of third parties.

Thunderbird Entertainment Group and Thunderbird Distribution Global Media

The live-action series, produced by Toronto-based Windy Isle Entertainment, is a CBC Kids Original production that will debut in Canada this fall on CBC and CBC Gem. In the UK, Sky has pre-purchased the series, which hooked up to the Sky Kids on-demand platform this fall.

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Featuring Best Friends, Mittens the Kitten and Pants the Puppy

“Mittens and Pants” (39 x seven minutes) is a live-action series featuring best friends, Mittens the Kitten and Pants the Puppy, as they embark on an adventure filled with action, humor and drama in their all-animal town. go. Kibble Corner. “Mittons and Pants” celebrates having friends who are different from you. The bond between the shy, inquisitive kitten, the energetic pup, and their furry (and feathered) friends and families drives the story. Created by Windy Isle Entertainment CEO Phil McCordick, “Mittens and Pants” features real children in the live-action world voiced by children.

The world and material that Phil McCordick created for ‘Mittons and Pants’

Over the past 18 months, our new distribution team focused on financing and distributing productions created by the Thunderbirds Kids & Family and scripted divisions,” says Richard Goldsmith, President, Global Distribution and Consumer Products, Thunderbird Entertainment Group. “We are now also looking to invest in more exceptional commercial properties created by other exceptional producers. With media distribution, consumer products and marketing under one roof, Thunderbird Distribution is looking for content that can entertain audiences globally and grow into brands loved by fans. The world and material that Phil McCordick has created for Mittens and Pants serves these purposes perfectly. We’re sure preschoolers will fall in love with this special series and its adorable characters. We can’t wait to share it with the platform.

McCordick says

We couldn’t have thought of a better partner than Thunderbird Distribution to bring ‘Mittons & Pants’ to the global market and are delighted to be working with such a supportive and enthusiastic team since its inception. The production has been rewarding and we are confident that we have created something that will delight the kids and give them a different kind of series to watch. We are off to a great start with CBC and Sky and looking to roll out the track worldwide soon.

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