Throwback Quotes Of Sushmita Sen On Marriage Never Married

Lalit Modi announced on 14 July that he is dating Sushmita Sen. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some throwback quotes of the actress on marriage and relationships.

Karan Johar once said about Sushmita Sen

Karan Johar once said about Sushmita Sen, “She can turn you on just with her conversation. The actress is not someone who can make her point. The actress herself is unfazed and outspoken. Sushmita, who was last seen in Arya 2, is proud of himself. On July 14, fans were taken by surprise when former IPL chairman Lalit Modi announced a “fresh start” with Sushmita Sen. He shared some adorable pictures with the actress. Which left fans in a frenzy. While the actress begins this new chapter of her life with Lalit, looking at some of her powerful quotes on marriage.

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During the conversation, Sushmita said?

Sushmita Sen talks about various aspects of her life in conversation with Twinkle Khanna for her YouTube channel Tweak India. During their conversation, Sushmita said that her children Rene and Alisa were never the reason for being single, but were men. She said, “After I adopted Renee, there hasn’t been a man in my life who didn’t know what my priorities were. Well, I don’t expect anyone to share the responsibility. But you can’t walk away from me. Can’t say for this. My daughter needs me till a certain age.

I came close to getting married three times

The actress continued, “Luckily, I’ve met some very interesting men in my life. But the only reason I’ve never married is because they were disappointed. It had nothing to do with my kids. Me. Never had children. Equations and if at all, I think they are very kind. They have accepted the people in my life with open arms, never made a face, and have loved and respected everyone equally So, the kids were never a problem. I came close to getting married thrice, but God saved me. I can’t tell you what disaster happened to his life. God saved me and my kids.

Almost made the mistake of marrying the wrong person

Sushmita Sen, in an earlier appearance on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, talked about how she is shaped by the relationships in her life. Be it with men, women or children. She also spoke about the feelings that remained with her after unsuccessful romantic relationships. Simi said that Sushmita could have married ‘two or three times’, but she did not. Sushmita said it was all for the best. “I’ve been very lucky. There was a time when I could have made a mistake, but something, somewhere went wrong. And told me in no uncertain terms ‘this is wrong, it won’t work’. And then, as much dignity Left, I managed to get away from him, ”she said.

The actress opened up about her statement and said?

Sushmita Sen once said, “I don’t need a man to have diamonds in my life. I can own them.” Later, while talking to Brides Today, the actress opened up about her statement and said, “I have never allowed anyone to gift me diamonds. In fact, I bought myself a 22-carat diamond many years ago. I wear it everywhere. People see me going groceries shopping and wonder ‘What is she wearing? But I’m proud that I could do that for myself. For me, my diamond ring is a symbol of hope and empowerment. I believe that all women should be independent, especially financially.

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