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This psycho Criminal Raped More Than 100 Dead Bodies

In England, one such psycho-criminal has been sent to jail by the court. Hearing his criminal tales, one gets goosebumps. This mentally ill criminal used to fulfill his lust with the dead bodies of women. Not only this, he had also made many children his victim.

A psycho rapist sent to jail by a court in England

Now his whole life will be spent inside the prison walls. This criminal named David Fuller used to rape women’s dead bodies. He had also killed two women, after which he also made them a victim of his lust. Not only this, Fuller also used to take objectionable pictures of children. The police had recovered many such pictures from his house. The court has sent the 67-year-old criminal to jail, terming it a threat to society.

Punishment received after 33 years

As reported by ‘The Sun’. Psycho rapist David Fuller killed 25-year-old Wendy Nell and 20-year-old Carolyn Pierce in 1987 and had sex with their dead bodies. After 33 years, he has got the punishment for his actions. This case of murder and rape of two women became the first in the history of Britain. which remained unsolved for so long. However, the police were late but successful in proving the involvement of David Fuller in this case.

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Electrician was in the hospital

David Fuller worked as an electrician in England and Tunbridge Wells Hospital. Here he raped more than 100 dead bodies. When the police raided his East Sussex home, he found many shocking things from there. It also included some pictures of having sex with the corpse. In addition to the murder of two women, Fuller has also been convicted of 51 other counts. Police say that how many dead bodies Fuller committed cruelty. It’s difficult to tell the exact figure. But this number was more than 100.

Fuller used to record the crime

When mentally ill David Fuller used to have sex with dead bodies. So he would record it. Not only this, when he did not like any stain on the dead woman’s body, he would edit the photo after having sex and remove the stain from it and then keep the photo carefully. Fuller’s youngest victim was a nine-year-old girl. The biggest victim was a 100-year-old woman, with whose body he had committed atrocious acts in the hospital. The police arrested David Fuller on the basis of DNA found at the crime scene.

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