This Person Got 278 Cuts Done By Doing His Private Part Let Know How The Sex Life Of This Person Is

Piercings are visible all over the body of Guinness World Record holder Rolf Bucholz. There are 278 piercings on the private part alone. In such a situation, people used to think that their sex life would not be good. But Rolfe says the piercing hasn’t affected his sex life.

This person got 278 cuts done by doing his own private part

A man living in Germany has such a ghost of body modification that he has got his entire body pierced. However, his name is also recorded in the Guinness World Records for this strange hobby. The name of this person with a total of 453 metal piercings on the body is Rolf Buchholz.

‘Change from outside, not from inside’

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, Ralph Buchholz has piercings or piercings in almost every part of his body. Even his private part has 278 piercings. Now in such a situation, it is necessary to raise the question that how would Rolph’s sex life have been? So now he has also disclosed it. Rolfe says that he may have changed on the outside, but he is still the same inside and it has not affected his sex life.

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Tattoos are full on the body

The 61-year-old Rolf has modified his body in many other ways not only through piercings. He has many tattoos on his body, apart from this he has also got two horns implanted on his head. When Rolf was 40, he was fond of body modification, which soon turned into a passion. He got his first piercing done at the age of 40 and now his whole body is full of it. Even the private part.

94 Piercings Around the Lip

World record holder Rolf said about his sex life. Metal piercing has never been a problem. My sex life is the same as before, it didn’t matter. Rolf, who works in a German telecom company, has 94 piercings around his lips. Talking about tattoos, 90 percent of his body is covered with it.

There is trouble at the airport

Rolf may not have any problem in the bedroom regarding his metal piercing, but he has to face all kinds of problems at the airport. There are two reasons for this. First, most countries are not used to seeing such body modifications, and second, airport metal detectors start ringing as they pass by as if they were carrying a weapon. Rolf told that once he was stopped at Dubai airport. Because the officials thought that I was a person doing black magic.

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