This Muslim Country Took A Bold Decision Made These Rules For Adult Films

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a big decision going out of the box regarding the release of films. Under this, now there will be no censor on the release of films. The government of the UAE has been making changes to many of its laws for some time, which are valid in the Islamic countries of the Gulf.

Announcement of no censorship in the films to released in Multiplex Movie Theaters

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced not to censor films released in multiplexes. The government of UAE will now release films in 21 plus rating instead of censorship. In the UAE, instead of cutting out sensitive scenes that hurt traditional Islamic sentiments, it will be given a 21+ rating.

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UAE’s Media Regulatory Authority said in a Twitter post. The films will now screened in cinemas as per their international version. Whereas before this, films with adult content have been regularly cut or edited in the UAE.

According to experts, this decision of UAE is also important because like Saudi, it also wants to shift its economy based on oil to other areas. So that the economy based only on the export of crude oil can be handled.

What will change in the movies?

With the new decision of UAE, instead of chopping adult content, they will be released in the category of 21 plus. Earlier, due to the censorship law in the country, many websites and channels blocked. Kissing and sex scenes were removed from films. Even during the interval on the channel, if the name of any non-halal food item used to appear in the advertisement, it also blurred but now it will not happen.

Preparing to be Regional Champion

The UAE has been continuously changing its laws for the past few years. Among these, at the end of last year, the removal of the ban from unmarried couples living together, ie live-in relationships, also made headlines all over the world. Even then the experts had said this. Despite being an Islamic country, the UAE allows unmarried couples to live together. It is giving permission to allow foreign tourists to come here according to them.

Similarly, while easing the restrictions on alcohol, the government had abolished the penalty imposed for people of 21 years or more age group for drinking, keeping, and selling alcohol. Such decisions show that it wants to get ahead of other Gulf countries in the regional race to move forward.

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