This Model Has Made Many Posts On Instagram Account Got Insurance Of A Particular Part By Paying 13 Crores

This model has made many posts on her Instagram account. In which there is also a picture after winning the title. Thousands of users have liked and commented on this picture.

This Model is Famous on Social Media

Usually people get their home, car or life insured. But a Brazilian model got his butt insured by paying 13 crores. The model decided to insure her part after winning a title. Let’s know the whole matter. Nathi Kihara posted one after the other on his Instagram account and uploaded the pictures. Thousands of likes and comments have come on these pictures. Users are giving their feedback fiercely on these.

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Big Claim in Report

The Daily Star has published a report. According to this report, the name of the model is Nathi Kihara. She has also won the title of Miss Butt World. Nathi Kihara became the model with the most likes and comments among the contestants selected via Instagram post.

Model Posted on Instagram

According to a report in ‘Daily Star’, the name of this 35-year-old model is Nathy Kihara. Kihara recently won the Miss Butt World 2021 title. Kihara was voted Miss Butt World after she got the most likes (votes) out of all the contestants on Instagram. After winning this title, now 35-year-old Kihara decided to get her butt insured. For this he has spent 1.3 million pounds (12 crores 95 lakhs). Meaning, Kihara has insured one of her organs by paying about Rs 13 crore.

Nathi Kihara Brazilian Model Says

The Brazilian model says, “I am famous because of my butt. I have also won the title. So, got insurance.” Kihara claims that she is still not satisfied with the size of her butt, she aims to increase it through more exercise. Nathi Kihara has made several posts about it on her Instagram account. He has uploaded a picture after winning the title. On which thousands of likes and comments have been made. Kihara has 560k followers on Instagram. Thousands of users react on each of his posts.

Decided To Win The Title

Nathi Kihara got his butt insured after winning the title. She took the decision by spending Rs 12 crore 95 lakh, since then she has remained in the discussion.

What Did Kihara Say

The Brazilian model said, “I am famous because of my butt. I have won the title too. So, insured. I am still not satisfied with the size of my butt, I am trying to make it more and better”

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