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This Is The Smallest Country In The World Where Only 27 People Live

India is the 7th largest country in the world on the basis of area. Here it takes many days to go from one city to another in the country. But do you know that there is such a country in the world? Whose area is like a basketball field. Everyone gets shocked knowing this. How can a country exist in such a small space? Today we are going to tell you some interesting facts related to this country.

Located on the coast of England

The name of this country is Sealand. It is also called micro nation. This country is located near England. Situated about 10 kilometers from the Suffolk sea coast of England, Sealand is situated on the ruined sea fort. This
It was built by Britain during the Second World War. However, later vacated.

The country has its own postage stamps, passports and currency

Many people occupied the sealand called Micro Nation. Later on 9 October 2012, a man named Roy Bates declared himself Prince of Sealand. Since the death of Roy Bates, it is ruled by his son Michael. You will be surprised to know that Roy Bates also took out postage stamps, passports and currency for Sealand. The currency has a picture of John Bates, wife of Roy Bates. This country also has its own flag whose colors are red, white and black.

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Economy depends on donation

The economy of this small country is completely dependent on donations. However, now as people are getting information about this country. People are also reaching here for tourism. The area of ​​Sealand is very less, so when people came to know about it for the first time through the Internet, they gave a lot of donations. Due to this the people living here got financial help.

Can’t even search from google map

The surface area of ​​Sealand is spread over 6000 square feet. This country is so small that you cannot even find it on Google Maps. It is believed that this place was built by Britain during the Second World War as an anti-aircraft defensive gun platform. According to 2011 figures, the population of Sealand is only 27 people.

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