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This Is Beyoncé World. We Re Just Living In It

As Rolling Stone wrote last month, “For at least the past decade, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has been the world’s greatest living entertainer.

African-American Pop Star Other Mega Pop Star Madonna

, Cher, Brittany, and Adele. Her long and hugely successful career as a solo artist (2003–present) in the girl group Destiny’s Child (1990–2006) and as a solo artist (2003–present) has reached “pop cultural” moments. And is filled with record-breaking releases. As I’ve written elsewhere, Beyoncé’s stardom is an interesting form of worldbuilding. World-building, or “worlding”, is the ongoing creation and maintenance of stardom by creating an intimate, recognizable, composite world around the star – not just a singular star image.

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Our Obsession with Celebrity Pop Videos

Viewers are on Beyoncé’s world-building the same way we watch a movie. We know it’s “manufactured,” but want to believe it’s real — or at least go along with it for the ride. Our obsession with the celebrant is that of the “authentic” person behind the persona created in pop videos. Centered around “discovery.”

“Beyoncé’s World” Mainly Beyoncé’s Music Video

created and maintained through albums, but also through their concerts, performances and public appearances, and on their social media accounts and website. Other contemporary pop stars share their lives through social media or semi-autobiographical albums and music videos. Let’s build an “authentic” star image by sharing intimate details.

The social media posts are notorious and tight-lipped about his personal life.

She rarely posts captions and favors fashion photoshoot images of herself instead of “authentic” makeup-free selfies (though she wrote a longer caption to launch the Renaissance album – a rarity. Lemonade (2016) of Beyoncé) It addressed the infidelity of her husband, rapper and music mogul Jay-Z, as well as her personal outrage over racial injustice in the United States.

selfie without makeup

Beyoncé World is not the messy, no-makeup selfies or confession videos of other stars. It’s a more curated, high fashion, high art, high concept world for fans to attend. Beyoncé’s work always makes a splash but her seventh solo album, Renaissance, leaked online 36 hours before its scheduled release. Fans in France were able to purchase the CD version two days before its scheduled release.

Post instructions to wait it out on social media

Some hardcore fans (called the “Beyhive”) thought it was blasphemous to hear Queen Bee’s intentions before, posting instructions on social media to wait it out. If this is Beyoncé’s world, you’ve got to play by Beyoncé’s rules. needs, and the Beehive is an important cornerstone for maintaining these rules. Star builds (in every single output) as fans enter the world-building process as they “know” about specific visual and musical references. helps – and they certainly want to interpret his art the way he intended it.

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