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This Company Wants to Convert Dead people Into Trees

After death, the body is burnt or buried. In most parts of the world, the burial of the body is the last rite. Nowadays people donate their bodies or organs before they die. So that someone can be good. Or medical students can understand the internal structure of the dead body. But there is a company that wants to convert dead bodies into trees. He is in the process of changing the manner of funerals. Let us understand what will happen in this way? How will this benefit society and nature scientifically?

This company wants to convert dead people into trees

Whenever someone dies His relatives are sad. They want the dead person to be given a final farewell. Some people organize grand events. Big mausoleums or mausoleums are built. Good coffin orders. But there is a company named Capsula Mundi, which has come up with a proposal to put the bodies of dead people in a special kind of pod and convert them into trees.

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The dead shall be kept in such a way as the fetus in the womb of the woman.

The name of this special pod is Organic Burial Pods which is an oval capsule that is organic. Now, what is the benefit of this? In this oval capsule of Capsula Mundi, the human body will be placed in the same way as it is in the womb of a woman as a fetus.

With the melting of this pod, the dead body will also melt.

This body will be completely found in the ground. In return, the nutrients released by the melting of the body will grow the tree above. One advantage of this would be that the relatives of the deceased person can remember their loved ones under that tree. You can spend time in their shade.

This method sounds a bit strange to hear and read but it is new. Capsula Mundi has claimed. This is a kind of green graveyard idea. It takes 10 to 40 years for any tree to grow fully. But organic Burial pods will give them a lot of nutrients in a week. Then the relatives of the deceased person will have a special relationship with that tree. He will take care of her.

capsule Mundi claims

Burying dead bodies in this way will plant many trees. The cemetery will become green. Along with this, greenery will also increase. There will come a time when a forest will be formed. Because only the forest and the trees connect the earth and the sky. Where can a dead person find a better farewell and peace than this?

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