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This Camera Feature Is Viral On Social Media This Camera Can Peek Inside Your Clothes

OnePlus company made such a mobile whose camera could be seen through clothes.But you will be surprised to know why such a mobile was made which could see through the clothes.In fact, to boost the sales of OnePlus 8 Pro, such an extraordinary feature was inserted in its camera. Which used infrared light.

Nude It And Nude Scanner App

There is a great need to be careful with these apps available in the online market. For example, NudeIt and Nude Scanner are such mobile apps. These apps can take nude photos of people by looking through their clothes. In such a situation, any person can make fun of anyone with the use of these apps. In such a situation, you too should not become a victim of them. So beware of falling prey to such antics.

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These Apps Work On Body Scanning Technology

Such mobile apps work on body scanning technology. These apps scan people’s bodies by connecting to the smartphone’s camera. Let us tell you that such technology has given in these apps. Along with scanning the body of any person, removing the clothes, and showing the nude picture on the screen of the phone. In such a situation, it is normal to panic about taking photos. The apps that act as body scanners have been brought to Android and iOS. However, they have not been made available on Apple iTunes or Google Playstore.These have been released as APK files on many websites.

Camera Looks Through Clothes

According to a report published in The Sun, the problem arose because of this. When the camera of this device started showing through the clothes. The privacy of the people came in danger, in fact the company had not seen the camera of this phone by testing it on the clothes. But when people refused to accept it, the company removed this feature from the phone through a new update.

This Is The Reality Of These Apps

Let us tell you that such mobile apps cannot actually scan a person and show nude, but they provide a prank facility. Many photos of different body parts of humans are already present in these apps. These photos can be fitted by taking the photo of the person in front. After this, seeing such a photo, the person in front thinks that it is his own photo, but in reality it does not happen. In the photos taken from these apps, only the face is of the person being photographed, apart from this other body parts are copied-pasted from the photos present in these apps. Let us tell you that many people are using these apps to prank their friends.

Mobile Company Had To Apologize

Let us tell you that Shenzhen Company had also apologized for such a feature in the phone by issuing a statement on China’s social media app Weibo. In fact, many users had taken such a photo from this phone and put it on social media, in which their clothes were visible across.

How Does The Camera See Through Clothing?

It is worth noting that the camera of OnePlus 8 Pro used infrared light. Could see-through plastic and other objects. Know that OnePlus 8 Pro had 4 rear cameras including Photochrome lens. Its filter used to give unique color to the photo using infrared light. This feature of the camera of OnePlus 8 Pro was first noticed in America. Ben Geskin of America revealed this. He recorded and posted a video with the camera of OnePlus 8 Pro. In this video, Apple TV was visible across the set top box.

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