This Beautiful 24 Year Old Girl Brittany McQuade Does The Business Of Renting Out Her Clothes

Today we are going to tell you about a girl who provides online clothes (Girl Renting Out Her Dresses). You will be surprised to know that this beautiful 24-year-old girl (Brittany McQuade) rents her undressed clothes. Not only this, this girl has earned more than 70 lakh rupees in a year by renting her undressed clothes.

Brittany McQuaid Launches Clothing Rental Business

This beautiful woman named Brittany McQuade lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has made it his business to give clothes on rent. When she was 20 years old, she started renting her dresses online. The most surprising thing is that by earning crores of rupees from this unique business, he has also bought a luxurious house for himself.

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Britney Had Recognized That Mindset Of Women

When Brittany McQuaid was 20, she noticed that the market for renting dresses was huge. He also recognized that mindset of women. After wearing a dress in a party, women do not want to wear that dress again. At the same time, buying new clothes every time is very expensive. So he started renting his clothes on second hand selling sites.

Unique Business Started In 2017

Britney started this business in the year 2017. She told that she had many expensive and beautiful dresses, although she did not wear them. After this the idea came in his mind that why not earn money from these clothes. After this, he put his clothes for rent on the selling site.

Britney Started This Business With 25 Clothes

Britney started her business with her 25 clothes, which she kept after wearing it a couple of times. She told that at present she has more than 300 such dresses, which she gives on rent. From this she earns lakhs of rupees. Many of his customers go by paying rent up to Rs 2200 for these dresses.

Earn More Than 70 Lakh Rupees From Dress In A Year

Britney told that she gets 1100 to 2000 rupees as rent from a dress. She told that as much as she buys the dress, she gets back many times more money in the form of rent. He has earned crores of rupees from this business in the last four years. Britney says that this is like a side business for her. Through this, she is also earning lakhs and is also buying new clothes.

Takes Feedback From People On Instagram

Britney takes feedback from people by showing off her clothes on Instagram. Britney has over 19,000 followers on Instagram. Brittany has bought a 2-bedroom townhouse from her unique business at the age of 24. His house is worth three and a half crore rupees. Apart from this, she has also given a deposit of Rs 36 lakh. Brittany says that as soon as she gets the rent money, she takes a new dress. After wearing it a couple of times, she puts it on the website for rent.

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