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This 19year Old Girl Is Jealous Of Her Own Mother You Will Be Surprised To Know The Reason

Jess, who lives in Florida, is jealous of her own mother. Actually, says Jess. Whenever she shares any picture of herself with him on social media. So people start praising the beauty of their mother.

Can a daughter be jealous of her own mother?

Obviously, on such a question, most of the people will say that does this also happen. You will find it strange to hear, but 19-year-old Jess, who lives in Florida, USA, is very jealous of her own mother. The reason behind this is also interesting. After knowing which you will also be surprised. However, this jealousy between mother and daughter is like cute jealousy. So let’s know what is the matter?

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Mother got jealous about this

People like Florida’s Jess a lot on social media. But as soon as Jess shares a video or photo with her mother. People give more preference to their mother than to her. Apart from this, he also praises the beauty of his mother fiercely. This has upset Jess a lot. The result is that now he is jealous of his own mother about this. She often asks her mother why she is not as beautiful as her? Let us tell you that Jess has also been trolled on social media many times regarding this.

People praise the beauty of the mother.

Generally, every daughter is very happy to hear the praise and praise of the beauty of the mother. But Jess is worried about this. After the photos come out together, people praise the beauty of their mother more than them. According to the website The Sun, Jess recently shared a Tiktok video. In which she is seen asking this to her mother. How does his mother look more beautiful than him?

People wrote talking about the jealousy of Jess

In the video, Jess’s mother is seen in a beautiful white dress. After watching this video, people have praised his mother instead of Jess. Some have called her an icon, while some have called her a beauty queen. Many people, while talking about Jess’s jealousy, have written that they do not seem to have completely mother’s jeans.

Even before this many such news have come to the fore. In which users sometimes got confused about the age of mother-daughter or they saw a more beautiful mother than daughter. Recently a girl named Lisa Gulyava was in the headlines because of her mother. According to Lisa, her mother’s age is 45 years. But the picture he shared on his social media account. In it, Lisa’s mother was looking much younger than her.

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