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These Tennis Players Are Very Bold Even At The Age Of 40

The style of some players is so different and brilliant. He is sometimes more famous for his beauty and fitness than his sport. One such player in tennis was named Anna Kournikova.

Tennis player Anna Kournikova

This was the beauty of this tennis player born in Russia. At that time, more people were fans of Anna than the number one players in the world. She is still known as one of the most beautiful tennis players. There are millions of fans of his photos on his Instagram. Anna may be away from sports, but due to her fitness videos and photos, she remains in the headlines.

Anna often makes headlines for her hot pictures on social media.

His performance as a player was nothing special. But he got many awards for being a beautiful tennis player. Despite not winning any singles title, Kournikova became the world’s number 8 in 2000.

Anna had more success playing doubles

Where she became the world’s number 1 player. He made many successes with Martina Hingis. Apart from tennis, Anna also tried her hand in modeling, TV shows, and anchoring. He ruled everywhere on the strength of his beauty. You can guess the beauty of Anna from the fact that in the year 2001, thousands of people were created by a virus in her name.

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A hacker used to send a blurry picture of Anna Kournikova on the screen. People used to click on Anna’s blurry picture to see her better. After that, his system was hacked. Later this hacker was caught by running a special operation.

Anna’s personal life

Talking about Anna’s personal life. Tales of his closeness with many players came to the fore. But this tennis player met American singer Enrique Iglesias in 2001 and both fell in love with each other. She was seen in Enrique’s famous song ‘Escape’, after which the two became friends. Anna is now an American citizen and is living a happy life with her husband, Enrique Iglesias. Enrique is a well-known pop star.

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