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These Cricketers Hit 12 Double Centuries But Only 6 Sixes in Their Career

Cricket legend Sir Don Bradman hit just six sixes in his 52-match Test career and did not hit any six in his 234 first-class matches. Australian Legendary Cricketer, Whose Career

Hit 6 sixes in a first-class cricketing career

Test average of 99.94… 12 double centuries… 20 centuries… 13 half-centuries and only six sixes in entire Test career Sounds strange to hear doesn’t it… but it is true. Cricket legend Sir Don Bradman is a cricketer. Who has hit only 6 sixes in his entire Test career and first-class cricketing career?

This cricketer hit only one six against India

5 against England and only one six against India. The Australian legend has played 52 Tests and 234 First-Class matches in his career. He has not hit a single six in his first-class career. He averages 99.94 in Tests and 95.14 in First Class.

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Aussie legends are no less than bowlers’ nightmare

Don Bradman has hit 681 fours in his career. He scored 6996 runs in his Test career. In which his maximum score was 334 runs. At the same time, Bradman scored 28067 runs in their first-class career. In which his maximum score was unbeaten 452 runs. Sir Don Bradman is the all-time legend of cricket. He was a player born to play cricket. Who set a benchmark for the coming generation. The right-arm Australian legend was no less than a nightmare for the bowlers.

18 runs scored in the first innings of Test debut

Bradman’s average of 99.94 in Test cricket is the highest average by any player in the history of cricket. Bradman played Test cricket for 20 years and retired in 1948. But many of his records remain intact even today. He started his Test cricket career on 20 November 1928 against England. But Bradman’s Test debut was not very explosive. He scored only 18 runs in the first innings and only 1 run in the second innings. In the end, England won this test match by 675 runs.

Fearing Bradman, England did cruel bowling

Bradman was the master of world cricket during the 1930s and 40s. In 1930, he scored 974 runs in a series. Out of these, he scored 309 runs in just one day at Headingley. In the seven Test series against England, he dominated completely. In 1932-33 England was so intimidated by Bradman that he developed a system of bowling, a bodyline. Which has been described as cruel and unfair in history. This bowling was designed only to thwart Don Bradman. But during this also his average was 56.

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