There are some of the most terrifying movies on Amazon Prime Video, watching which you may not be able to sleep peacefully for many days. You start getting scared of your shadow too. So let’s know about these scariest movies.

Released on Amazon Prime Video by 2021

If you also have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video but you have not yet seen the movies mentioned in this list. So you are missing out on some of the most powerful art forms of horror filmmaking. We are releasing you today on Amazon Prime Video till the year 2021. We are going to tell about some of the scariest movies which the weak hearted should not watch at all. These are some such movies after watching which you will start getting scared of your shadow in the dark.

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You must watch the movie BEFORE I WAKE

If you have small children then you must watch the movie BEFORE I WAKE. The film is available in Hindi dubbing and depicts the story of a child who is afraid of sleeping. A couple has adopted this child and they do not know anything special about it. Actually whatever this child sees in dreams becomes reality. That is, both his good and bad dreams come true. It is shown in the film how a child is affected by the things happening around.

Hollywood Film SAW is at Number one in The List

The Hollywood film SAW is at the first position in this list. A total of 7 parts of this film have been released so far. A film is the story of a psycho killer who kills people in very horrific and painful ways. This killer feeds people with deadly games and if they lose in the game, they die very painfully. There are innumerable scenes of blood and blood in the film. The third name in this list is from the film LIGHTS OUT. It is counted among some of the scariest movies on Amazon Prime. The film is about a ghost who becomes more powerful as soon as it gets dark. The picturization of the film is so powerful that every scene will leave you with goosebumps. Weak hearted people should not watch this film at all.

While The Film is Very Scary, it Also Gives a Wonderful Message

When it comes to horror movies on Amazon Prime and TUMBAAD’s name does not appear in this list, it cannot happen. This film gives a very beautiful message that how greed is a bad force. Suffice it to say about the film that it has got an 8.3 out of 10 rating on IMDb. While the film is very scary, it also gives a wonderful message. The next number in this list is of the film THE BOY. The story of the film is about a deserted house where an old lady and an old lady live with their son. He hires a nanny to take care of his younger son. The nanny then learns that what the old couple is actually telling their son is a doll. Slowly this nanny comes to know that this doll acts and from here the real story begins.

Detective key Tasked With Solving Some Murder Mystery

Detective Key who is given the task of solving some murder mystery. However, during his work, he goes through some such situations, which makes him understand that these murders were not ordinary murders. Rather, the matter is much more complicated. In the lockdown, people started working from home and during this time the trend of meetings on the zoom application increased. The second film in this list is HOST. This film has been woven only during the lockdown. In which it is shown how some friends feel strange activities in their homes during a Zoom meeting. Later they come to know that something has entered their homes through Zoom, which is now difficult to get rid of.