The Worst Rape Scene Was Such That This Action Had To Be Taken

The worst rape scene such that this action to be taken. Movies are the mirror of society but they have to go through a criteria called censor board which decides what kind of audience the film is worth watching. Every country has its own censor board which analyzes the films before seeing them. To bring the story of the film as close to reality as possible, the makers try to bring every scene to life.

line crossed movie

Therefore, whether it is a murder scene or a rape, the makers try their best to make it appear as real as possible. However, sometimes in an attempt to be more artistic, filmmakers cross the line that the censor board decides. Do you know the movie with the most horrific rape scene in the world? If not, then let me tell you.

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The torture lasted for 11 minutes

We are talking about the film ‘Irreversable’. In this film, the rape scene shown with so much cruelty and cruelty that the censor board had to ban it. Very few people know the fact about this Hollywood film that an 11-minute long rape scene shown in it, which shakes the mind.

What was the rape scene of the film?

It was shown in the film that a girl is passing through a deserted subway of the city when this terrible incident happens to her. Monica Bellucci played the role of rape victim in this film. The film banned in theatres, after which the makers had to trim the scene of this film a lot. Although its scenes are still available on YouTube.

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