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The World Most Expensive Goat Sold In This Country

A goat named Marrakesh has been sold in Australia for $21,000 (Rs 15.6 lakh). Such a high price of goat has broken all its previous records.

Sperm dose of a goat named Marrakesh sold for 1 thousand

There are many animals in the world that have many specialties. For this reason, they remain in more demand than other animals. Their price is also very high. Recently there was news. In which it was said that a bull was sold for 1 crore and its sperm dose was sold for 1 thousand. Exactly such news has come these days. In which it has been said that this little goat is the most expensive goat in the country of Australia. So let’s know what is special about this goat.

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Goat sold for Rs 15 lakh

As we all know that the bidding of animals is very expensive. Talking about goats, they are sold for thousands of rupees. But if we tell you that a small goat is sold for 15 lakhs. Then you’ll be surprised. Yes but it’s true. Actually, a small goat is making a lot of headlines in Australia. The reason behind this is this. This goat has been sold for Rs 15 lakh, not one or two. Let us tell you that this goat is also very beautiful in appearance.

Rare breed

Not only this but it has also been told. Even this type of breed is not easily available in western countries. The goat was born at Rangeland Farm near the Queensland border. The weather is also very bad in the area where this goat has been found. Despite this, it is still so healthy and luxurious. Earlier, the same person had bought another goat for 9 thousand dollars (Rs 6.71 lakh). Today this goat has become a topic of discussion in the world.

Such is the identity of a good goat

The goat, named Marrakesh, was raised at Rangland Red Stud in Guduga near the Queensland border. There were 17 goats of this breed during the sale in Kobar. The body of all these goats was very big. However, Mosley made it clear that the body does not mean that it is large. Goats will be of good quality. These goats are specially prepared.

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