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The World Most Expensive Crop Began To Be Harvested Tourists Showed Enthusiasm To See The Wonderful Sight

The charm of this wonderful sight of saffron blossoms is such that the fans are reaching Kashmir and seen feeling the touch of saffron flowers on their hands.

In The Valley of Pampore, Kashmir, Saffron Blooms in The Whole Job at This Time

A wonderful sight of nature is being seen in Kashmir these days. Which will end in the next ten days. At this time in the valley of Pampore, Kashmir, people eagerly wait to see the saffron flowers blooming all over Joban. But this time due to unseasonal snowfall and rain, saffron flowers have bloomed a little less, but it expected that with the improvement in the weather, this deficiency will also be filled. It is 22 km from Srinagar. The dry plains of Pampore, located far away, where no fruits, vegetables or grains grow. In return for this curse, nature has bestowed this area with all its laughing gifts.

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People Reaching Kashmir To See The Wonderful Sight

In normal days, a large number of tourists used to come to this season in this season, but this time the tourist is only a little away from this sight. But the tourists who have come to the Kashmir Valley are fascinated by seeing this view of nature. The charm of this wonderful sight of saffron blossoms such that the fans are reaching Kashmir and are seen feeling the touch of saffron flowers on their hands. To obtain saffron, the flowers picked one by one, the saffron is separated from the rest of the flower and dried. For one kg of saffron, 70-80 thousand flowers have to be picked.

Nowadays The jam Of Separating Saffron From Flowers is Going on in Full Swing

The town of Pampore in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district known as the town of saffron. Situated on the Jammu-Srinagar highway, 20 km from Srinagar, in this city, the jam of separating saffron from flowers is going on in full swing these days. Saffron bulbs planted in the month of September, in which flowers appear by the end of October. By selecting these purple flowers, its stigma removed.Apart from Pampore, it also cultivated in Kishtwar district. Saffron has cultivated in 3715 hectares in Kashmir this year.

Trial in Seven Hectares

In Tandi Ahan of Murhag Panchayat of Saraj and Khanyari village of Tharjun, saffron had gone to seed for trial in seven hectares. The fields of Tej Singh, Pammi Ram of Khanyari, Chuni Lal of Ahan, Dhani Ram, Chamanlal, Bansi Ram, and Anant Ram of Tandi and Mohar Singh have grown saffron. 10-10 kg saffron tubers given to these farmers by the department for growing.

Suresh Sharma Told That Saffron Planted For Trial

In the Saraj area of ​​Mandi district, the scientists of the Agriculture Department were exploring possibilities for the cultivation of saffron. Therefore, saffron seeds made available to the farmers for trial at some places in the area. Seeds planted in Seraj’s Bagsyad, Thunag, Janjehli, and Balichowki have blossomed. Suresh Sharma, co-director of the Agriculture Department said that flowers have come out in the saffron tuber planted for the trial. Saffron sticks have also grown in the flowers. This has awakened the possibilities of saffron cultivation in Seraj.

People Enjoying This View of Nature

Nowadays, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, the sweet smell of saffron flowers and its beauty has spread all around. Keeping all the difficulties aside, at the moment everyone enjoys this view of nature, and why not.

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