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The Woman Took Out A 9 Month Old Unborn Child By Hitting Her With A Brick

Your baby can be harmed if you suddenly fall or get hit in the abdomen. However, it depends on how fast you fell or how hard you hit your stomach.

A similar incident happened in Brazil

A heart-wrenching incident happened on August 27 in Canelinha, Brazil. Flavia Godinho Mafra, 24, was 9 months pregnant when her best friend Rosalba Maria Grimm gave her a fake baby

taken to a secluded place

According to the report of the Daily Star, a shocking incident happened on August 27 in Canelinha, Brazil. Flavia Godinho Mafra, 24, was 9 months pregnant. When his best friend Rosalba Maria Grimm offered him a fake baby shower and photoshoot. She took the friend to a secluded place where brickwork was done. Rosalba attacked Flavia several times with bricks when she was badly injured. So by cutting his stomach with a knife, he took out his unborn child from the womb. Then he put the woman to die in an empty furnace where she died of hemorrhage.

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Doctors handed over the woman to the police

After the death of Flavia, Rosalba reached a hospital with her partner. He also kept his partner in the dark. He told the partner She is pregnant. When she brought the child, she told him that she was his only child. On reaching the hospital, he told the doctors about his sudden delivery but the doctors got suspicious. He immediately called the police after which the woman was caught.

Woman admitted to crime in court

The woman told in court that she was annoyed with Flavia. wanted to steal her child. That’s why by doing online research, he found out how to remove the child from the stomach. After this whole incident, the woman’s partner was also being considered a criminal. But when it was proved that he had no hand. Then he was let go. Let us tell you that the woman has been sentenced to 57 years in prison.

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