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The Woman Took Her Husband to the Railway Station by Making Him a Dog’

In Brazil, a woman made her husband a dog. Then started walking around the station and the market.

The woman took her husband to the railway station by making him a ‘dog’

The people present at a railway station in Brazil were surprised at that time. When a woman started behaving like a ‘dog’ with her husband. The woman’s husband was in the dog’s getup and a chain was also tied around his neck. For a long time, the woman roamed with her husband as if she was walking a dog. Seeing this, along with the common passengers, the policemen posted at the station were also shocked. No one could understand what had happened.

The couple gave strange arguments

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’, the name of the woman is Launa Kajki and her husband’s name is Arthur O’Urso. Launa dressed her husband as a dog and tied a leash around his neck and took him to the crowded station. Here for a long time, she roamed with Arthur as if walking a dog. The couple claims that sex in this way increases by going to a public place by becoming a dog.

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people staring

Arthur O’Urso’s dress was made of leather. There was also a chain in it. During this, the couple also got a photoshoot done at the station. In one photo, Launa is seen pulling a chain tied around her husband Arthur’s neck. The person present at the station, who saw the antics of this couple, was in thought for a while. What is the matter after all? People kept staring at both of them.

‘It was a new experience for the people

Arthur said, ‘People were surprised to see my costume. It was a completely new experience for him. After the station, the couple also went to other public places in the same fashion. Husband Arthur claimed that this is a different kind of adventure. This increases their sex drive. He said, ‘Other people may find it strange, but our sex life is better than this.

Many people also harassed us.

Arthur said, ‘People were surprised to see the costume. Many people also harassed us. The libido of this couple did not stop till the station. They went to other public places. This includes markets and bakeries. In a picture, Arthur is seen wearing sandals. Arthur claimed that it was a kind of a different kind of adventure. Let us tell you that even before this, incidents of husbands making a dog have happened in other countries of the world.

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